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Apartment Guidelines

  • A full and accurate application

    • All tenants over the age of 18 must fill out a complete application including credit and background search. The information must be accurate and complete with all requested supporting documentation. There are no exceptions.​

  • Income Requirements

    • Tenants​ must earn, before taxes, 3.2X the monthly rent. For example, if the rent is $1,000/month the minimum income would be $3,200/month. If there is more than 1 tenant, the combined income for all tenants is used.

  • Credit Requirements​

    • While there is no set number, generally speaking credit scores above 575 have the best chance of being approved. If there is more than 1 tenant, the average of all tenants' scores is used.

  • Criminal Activity

    • We do not accept applicants with a felony. All other infractions will be considered on a case by case basis.​

  • Rental History​

    • We are unable to accept applicants with a past eviction.​

  • Pets​

    • If an apartment allows a pet​, a one time pet fee will be required. The advertisement will say which pet size will be considered.

      • Small Pet: 0-25 lbs. $250 per pet

      • Medium Pet: 26-50 lbs. $300 per pet

      • Large Pet: 51+ lbs. $400 per pet

    • No more than 2 pets per apartment

    • No pets from our restricted breed list

  • Maximum Total Residents

    • 4 bedroom apt: 4 persons

    • 3 bedroom apt: 3 persons

    • 2 bedroom apt: 2 persons

    • 1 bedroom apt: 2 persons

Management reserves the right to alter these policies at any time and without notice. If you have a question on any policy listed please ask before submitting an application. Refunds cannot and will not be given. Acceptance of tenancy is not based solely on any one factor. All aspects of the application will be considered.

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